You’ve probably been hearing a lot about Pinterest and wondering what it’s all about.  Pinterest is a digital bulletin board that allows users to “post” or “pin” digital images.  Users can create boards and name them whatever they like.

So how can Pinterest help you?  By creating a business profile on Pinterest you are creating a visual image of your product for consumers.  You are placing your product in their lives.  In traditional sales methods you hope the customer can envision how and where to use your products.  Through Pinterest you don’t have to hope, you can demonstrate.

Pinterest is all about inspiration and things that make you happy.  People spend a lot of time pinning things that inspire them, and pictures of the life they want to live.  By putting those images out there for consumers you are allowing them to be inspired with creative ways to use your product.  Let them see first hand how your product can make their lives easier, better, and more inspired.

Pinterest is the 3rd most popular social network and it’s quickly becoming even more popular!  Shoppers referred from Pinterest are 10% MORE likely to buy than web browsers who find you otherwise.  AND they spend 70% more money than those who came to your site via non social media channels.

Pinterest also drives web traffic.  Every pin is linked to its original website.  In January 2012, a Shareaholic study showed that Pinterest was responsible for 3.6% of referral traffic.  That’s more than YouTube, Google Plus and Linked In combined.  So the more pins that come from your website, the more links back to your site you can create!

Pinterest is a conversation.  People are talking about your products and you need to be a part of that.  Social Ocean Media can help you harness the power of what is currently the fastest growing website on the Internet.  Fill out the form below to schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can get you started and develop a long term strategy.

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