YouTube is one of the most overlooked social media platforms.  It’s known best for cat videos and college humor.  However, it’s a powerful marketing tool that your business can harness to connect with your customers.



You Tube videos all you to reach your audience in a way that other social media platforms do not.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words…well a video is worth even more.  Instead of spending time reading a lengthy article, your customers can simply watch a video.  If you get creative in your video creation, customers will be watching an advertisement for your product or services without evening knowing it.

Small Business Advantages 

The great thing about making You Tube videos as a small business owner is that the barriers to entry are actually smaller and easier to overcome than those a large business faces.  You can very easily and quickly determine if you have the budget to create a video.  Unless you are going to invest in specialty camera equipment, you can simply decide to make a video, set up your phone and go for it!  Of course, sitting down and planning location, topic and props helps :)

Creating videos doesn’t have to be expensive either.  Barter with another small business who already own equipment or enlist your friends and family to help you record while you present on screen.  Of course, hiring a professional is an option, but can be cost prohibitive.  If you want to go this route, consider having the props, content and scripts prepared for multiple videos at one time.

Types of Videos

Behind the Scenes-Customers love feeling as if they’ve been granted access to something special or have insider knowledge.  Show your viewers what goes on behind the scenes in your production facility or in your office.

Create a how to video-Show your customers how to use your product or how to complete a specific task. When anyone wants to learn a new skill, one of the first things that do is search videos on You Tube.  Be there to be a resource!

Instead of blogging, vlog.  Vlogging is the act of creating a visual blog.  It’s a way to engage viewers that otherwise might now read your posts.  If you want to see some examples of vloggers, just search You Tube. Chances are you might even follow some vloggers already!  Reach out to them and study their style.  What do you like?  What do you want to avoid?  Take notes and implement those methods in your own videos.

Has this inspired you to create a YouTube video?  Tell me how you can use YouTube to increase your customer base.

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