Someone has asked you to give a presentation….now what do you do?  For me, my first reaction is always glee.  My next reaction is to get my hustle on and make sure I’m 110% prepared to give a kick- a@@ presentation.  I wanted to share with you some of my preparation tips…

So You've Been Asked to Speek

1.  I visit the organization’s website.  This usually happens during the negotiation process as well.  I like to see what information they provide visitors, what their group dynamic is and what their mission is.  This all helps me ensure my message is appropriate for them and I can tailor my message to meet their needs.

2.  If someone invited me to speak to the group, I speak with them.  Again, this is another step that may have taken place previously.  I asked them WHY they want me to present and how they feel my message will assist them.  Perhaps there is one area they they are lacking information on and I can bulk up my presentation in that area.

3.  If I know who previous speakers have been at this event, I reach out to them. They will often have tips on the group dynamic, the presentation space or even working with the coordinator.  It’s an easy call to make or email to send and the tips can be extremely valuable.

4.  If you know who will be in the audience (and have a relationship with some of them), reach out to them.  Ask them why they want to hear you present.  Ask them what questions they have.  You can design your presentation around this information and know that you will be giving them just what they are looking for.

5.  If the organization you will be presenting to has officers or is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, look at those memberships and members to see what their positions are.  How does their affiliations effect your message and how might you be able to use those to deliver an amazing amount of specific information?

What do you do to prepare an amazing presentation and make sure it fits your audience’s needs?

Tell me in the comments below!


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