I recently read Start With Why from Simon Sinek.  It seems like such an easy concept, but when you dig a little deeper it’s an amazing thought process that’s going to turn your business around.


Simon’s books help to walk you through the process of WHAT, HOW and WHY you are in business.  Everyone knows the WHAT…it’s what you do, what you sell, etc.  I provide social media services to clients….Facebook, Instagram, and so on.  I can write, photograph and post.  So can lots of other people…it’s WHAT I do.

HOW I do it……I plan, post strategically, research and make sure my clients get the most hits, links and customer engagement.  I do this through timing, demographics and analytics…it’s HOW I get it done. Your businesses’ how is your daily activities.  The small things you do every day to get the best results and get things accomplished is your how.  Again, this is probably something you know very well and changes infrequently.

Okay, so now to the WHY……

Found on StartWithWhy.com

Found on StartWithWhy.com

WHY do you do what you do?  What are the benefits?  What’s the deeper meaning?  Before you think of this as a spiritual exercise or a touchy feely activity, give it a chance. Why does your company do what they do?  Stop and really think about that.  Are you looking to provide your customers with an easier lifestyle?  Are you offering a solution to their toughest problems?  What are your company’s values and causes.  What is your process?  For me, this means that I am able to allow company’s to grow, gain more customers and increase profits.  I do this through taking something off their plates that the either don’t want to do, don’t know how to do or don’t have time to do.

My WHY is to let other companies excel….because I’m doing my job behind the scenes.  It was a revelation for me to think about this.  It’s changed the way I advertise, blog and write copy.

I recommend this book…and the TED talk on the same material…..it will change the way you think about everything.

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