I recently had the privilege to hear Peter Shankman speak at the 2015 Blog Paws conference.  I came home and ordered his newest book, Zombie Loyalists right away.  The book discusses customer service, in all its most important forms and the difference it can make.

Zombie Loyalists

The fact of the matter is, we all expect very little from the places we interact with.  We expect to be placed on hold, given the run around and denied logical requests.  For me, it’s such that I dread making phone calls and often delay them until a day where I have almost no other items on my calendar.  There’s nothing worse than waiting on hold for assistance, then not being able to get it because you have to race out and make a meeting.

So what are Zombie Loyalists?  These are the customers that now only frequent your business, they tell others about you as loudly and frequently as possible.  While reading the book, I stopped to think about the companies about a Zombie for.

Amazon-I buy into the Prime option every year and buy everything from books to dog food here.  The amount of time I save traveling to and from the store (and avoiding buying things that weren’t on the list and I don’t REALLY need) is huge.

L.L.Bean-I’ve been shopping here my whole life.  Seriously.  I even worked in the flagship store for a while. Not only were we taught the culture of 100% satisfaction guarantee, we were given the authority to do whatever it took to make a custom happy.  During my time there I did everything from repairing tent poles to making hotel reservations.  I knew that no matter what, my management team was going to APPROVE of the way I was spending my time.

So how do you create Zombie Loyalists?  It’s easier than you think.  As Peter said at Blog Paws, “be one step over crap.”  Okay, so think about the last time you got a cup of coffee….did they know your name?  Did they know your order?  Did they even acknowledge you were in front of them?  If you simply smile and ask about people are doing (and listen to the answer), you can make all the difference in the world.  Be nice to the same people over and over again?  Now you’ve blown their mind.  Do something nice today for one of your older clients and see what happens :)

You can grab the book on Amazon here.

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