If you’re looking to start a blog for the first time or increase the traction of your current blog, Born to Blog is a great resource.

The book takes you through the basic principles of blogging and through a series of small and meaningful questions, helps you determine what your strengths (and weaknesses) are and how to use those to your advantage.

While you may think you know everything about blogging, this book helps you see things from a different perspective.  I’ve been blogging  for over five years and I found that I was able to examine some of my successes and weaknesses in a different light.  For example, my major purpose at The Joyful Organizer is to teach people how to organize their homes.  However, I usually don’t put a persona story in the posts or tell my readers what I do personally.  I’m going to make a point to start doing this and may even take some personal photos or videos!


One of my favorite parts was the Born to Blog Skillz Quiz.  This quiz takes just a few minutes to take but really gives you an idea of what your best blogging features are and how to maximize them.  I was surprised at my results!

This book is even awesome if you are a business owner and want to start a blog.  Everything from legal considerations to photos and ownership are covered.  Of course, personal blogs are covered as well :)

The books contains information on how to increase traffic, how to maintain readership and even some creative topics that you didn’t even know you had in you!  I’d recommend the book for beginner to intermediate bloggers or those who want a refresher course and a little inspiration!

One of my favorite tips from the book…let the reader know you have more information to share and to stop back more often!  We can all use that piece of advice!

You can buy the book on Amazon.

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