Click to visit Michelle's site and purchase the book!

Click to visit Michelle’s site and purchase the book!

There are a lot of career books out there.  Fewer books made for women.  Even fewer books that tell it like it is.  The Anti 9 to 5 Guide tells you about what it takes to go it on your own.

The book starts out with a quiz (unlike the other ones you’ve seen) and it helps you determine exactly what you want to do.  So often we don’t know what path we want to take, just that we are currently unhappy on the one we are taking.  From there, Michelle talks about school, salaries, career coaching and transitioning.

If you’ve been out of the interview process for a while or you’ve never done it previously, this book discusses everything you need to know about making connections, avoiding snafus and using social media to make an impact (the right kind of impact).

If you’re thinking of leaving the traditional work force and working from home, there is a lot to consider; losing your steady paycheck, health insurance, getting things done from home, or being productive.  This book goes over all your concerns in detail.  It talks about the good, the bad and the ugly.  With self employment there are lots of aspects to consider.

If you want to reach out and touch someone, Chapter 7 of the book talks about starting or joining a non profit.  While this sounds idyllic, there are lots of things to think about.

The book goes on to give you advice from women in every avenue of their careers.  AND, it’s important to realize things aren’t always so easy for ladies who are trying to pave their own way.

I love the appendix of the book.  It’s filled with books and resources that you can use to further your education on escaping the cubicle.  It’s a great starting guide for college grads or a motivational guide for anyone looking to change paths.  It’s motivational and inspiring!



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