If you’re thinking about making the plunge and going it on your own, this is a great book to read.  My So Called Freelance life goes over everything you need to know to start, run and grow your freelance, self employed business.  It’s written by a no holds barred, hilarious and super knowledgable author-Michelle Goodman.

The book covers everything from setting up a business plan to naming your price.  Often, new business owners are awesome at something (for example creative writing) but they aren’t quite sure how to market their business or do accounting.  You don’t have to be good at everything!  But you can learn what you need to know.


Some of my favorite nuggets from the book talk about the sludge you will drudge through in order to gain exposure, clients and deal with the mess that being your own boss creates.  It’s an honest look at being self employed.  Michelle gives an antidote about making $50 an hour while writing press releases.  So many people think that self employed people are ALWAYS billing.  In reality, billable hours is a small percentage of our time.

The book goes on to talk about getting paid, setting your price and contracts.  I know you think you’ll never have a problem, but you will and it’s best to be prepared.  Michelle’s candid approach to all of this is valuable insight.

Not only is this a great book to read before you make the leap to freelance, it’s an awesome book to keep on your bookshelf and go back to whenever you have a question, need a little inspiration or want to grow your business.

Save yourself the heartache, legal dramas and frustration of getting things up and running and just read this book.  Check out Michelle’s site here.


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