We all know that social media and good marketing is about providing good content.  However, after you’ve been at it for a while, it’s easy to run out of ideas.  Here are some ideas for you on things to post.

Creative Content Made Easy


It’s a great idea to come up with a schedule for yourself.  You can “theme” weeks and talk about one topic in depth all week long, or you can use themed days throughout the year.  For example, you could develop a rotating schedule so blog readers know what to look for every day of the week.  (And they want to come to your site to read it!)  For a food blog your schedule might look like this:

Monday: Meatless recipes

Tuesday: Tasty Treats (Desserts)

Wednesday:  Crockpot Cooking

Thursday: Lunches

Friday:  Leftover meals

Old Stuff

Yes, it’s okay to take a look at things you posted a long time ago.  Are they still relevant?  If your followers, readers or website visitors have incrusted drastically recently, remember the content is new to them.  When creating new content think about creating content that is “evergreen” and good over the long term.  Pay attention to what posts are the most popular.  This will give you an idea of what is good to repost at a later time and what topics work best for your audience.

Answer your customers questions

Customers love to feel heard.  Offer them a question and answer session and not only will you have content ideas provided to you, they will feel heard!  I love doing question and answer sessions.  It engages my audience and I usually come away with some new and creative business/blog entry ideas I didn’t have before!

Visuals (videos/infographics)

Customers and readers are busy.  You can convey a lot of information in a small amount of time with visual resources.  Take photos of your products and services.  Create info graphics and share them on visual mediums.  I find it helpful to snap photos when I’m “out and about”. Take photos of things that inspire you, fun food, new products and anything at all you think your audience would enjoy seeing or that will inspire you down the road.


Sometimes readers don’t want to have to be on your site to gain information from you.  Offer things they can down load such as brochures or eBooks so they can save them, print them and read them later.  They are easier to create than you think with many of the free design programs available online.  Sites such as Fotor allow you to quickly edit photos so they tell a story about your blog post.

Make information sharable

Allow readers to easily share information via email, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter (as well as others tailored to your demographic).  Use eye catching graphic buttons to make it easy to share.  Many sites offer these types of buttons for free.  Do a quick search online or on Pinterest to find somewhat match your trade dress.


People are busy and want to skim articles to get the most information they can in the smelliest amount of time.  Use bullet points and lists to make your blog entries easily readable.  Think about Dave Letterman’s top ten lists.  They are fun, fast and easy to read.


Catchy titles really do make a difference.  The difference between a blog post that incorporates humor and one that is dry and dull is huge.  People will come back to your blog over and over again if they like your “voice”.  Make sure it reflects your personality!   A boring title can lose your audience before they even click on your blog!

How To

You can’t be everywhere for everyone.  Tell your clients how you do what you do.  Are there DIY tips you could offer them?  Can you tell them some secrets of your trade or offer them “behind the scenes” advice and glimpses?  It’s a great way to gain the trust of readers.

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