We all know that social media is important. We also know that the real key to it’s success is to engage and interact with customers.  So, how do you do that?  Here are some tips to get the creativity flowing:

ASK customers for reviews.  The customers who will take the time to write reviews will most likely be positive. A positive review is worth a LOT in the eyes of potential buyers.

You probably have clients who are loyal and have been with you for a long time.  Make sure to reach out to them and ask them for reviews.  Tell them you value their time and loyalty and ask them this favor.

You may already have reviews out there.  Search the internet and the online stores where you sell your products and services.  Then, you can link to them on your own site and social media.

Make writing reviews easy for your customers.  Don’t make it overly time consuming or difficult to navigate to on your website.  Post links to surveys and feed back pages on your social media and website.  When a client makes a purchase, invite them to write a review.

If you do receive a bad review, respond to it.  Do it quickly and make it right.  How you respond to a negative review is as important, if not more so, than the number of positive reviews you receive.  Potential customers will seek out the negative reviews.  If you publicly make it right, that speaks volumes.


It’s important to brag.  While you don’t want to do it constantly, share these good reviews.  Try to target them to the audience you are trying to reach.  If you are advertising on a site that mothers visit, share a review written by a mother who has used your products and loved them.

Are your competitors getting good reviews?  How are they using them?  Research this and pay attention to what’s being said.

The review process doesn’t have to be complicated or formal, but it is critically important.  Make sure someone in your company is responsible for managing it.


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