Facebook Connect can seem incredibly simple and complex at the same time.  Its a very simple concept, however, its implications are far reaching and the use of it can be incredibly complex.

Facebook Connect is the little blue button you see on other sites that says “Connect With Facebook”.

Facebook Connect allows readers to interact with other websites without registering for those website.  By using Facebook Connect you are allowing those readers to interact with your web content via their already existing Facebook profile information.

So what does this mean for you?

It means that readers may be more likely to comment.  They have already given permission to Facebook and established their profile and privacy settings.  They trust Facebook and they may not trust you yet. By saying that you and Facebook are friends and have a trust, you are earning their trust by relationship.

Facebook Connect also allows you to see what your Facebook friends are doing on other websites.  Again, this can help your traffic and interaction.  People want to do what their friends are doing.


Facebook Connect can also allow your readers and customers to share information via Facebook.  The more visible you can make sharing the better the social media is working for your business.  If friends are sharing your content, you want people to SEE that your stuff is so fabulous its worth passing along.

While its controversial and sometimes frowned upon, Facebook Connect can allow you to target your marketing.  Facebook Connect has the capability to access information such as age, gender, address, etc.  By accessing this information you can target your marketing to those who are interested in your products.

So consider the positive and negative implications of Facebook Connect and see how it might work for you.

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