SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  By utilizing the correct key words, you can increase the rank and or frequency in which your website will appear in search results such as Google.  By utilizing the key words that are most frequently searched, you can make sure your website appears more frequently than those sites that do not use these key words.

Many people feel that its dishonest to create content for you website based around these key words.  However, many small business owners feel that without purchasing a higher search engine rank, creating content around it is the most cost effective way to earn a higher ranking.


In order to make sure you are coming up under the RIGHT searches you first want to take a step back and think about your audience.  WHO are you marketing to, WHAT are you selling and WHY should they buy it.  Answer these questions first and you will have a better idea of the content they want to read and will be searching for.

If you work for a company and are writing their blog or handling their social media, make an appointment with the marketing department and ask them these questions.

SEO is not to be confused with pay per click advertising in which you pay to advertise on a specific site and pay an additional fee per click that occurs.

The biggest benefits to SEO is that it increases your web reach and your visibility.  When you need sales, you need clients to find you.  If they can’t find you, they don’t know you exist.  If they don’t know you exist, they never have a chance to buy from you.

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