While its been said that social media can’t be measured, there are a few ways to determine if your campaigns are working.  They aren’t limited to what is below, so please keep that in mind.  Also, keep in mind that each one of these is a topic unto themselves and could be discussed at length.

-Number of entries you receive for a contest.  This tells you if people are paying attention and how much they want the prize you are offering.

-Any parody or mashup videos that pop up based on your material.  While it doesn’t seem like much fun to be mocked, it means your content is current and people think its relevant.  Keep in mind, even the President can be seen in YouTube in video mashups.

-Search engine performance.  There are lots of sites to help you monitor this and we will discuss them in another post.

-Comments on your blog and social media sites.  Are the positive?  Are there a lot of them?

-Retweets and mentions

-RSS subscriptions (how many people have subscribed to your blog)

-Newsletter subscriptions


-Purchases on your site

-Use of a code you put into your blog or social media sites.  By using a code that only Fans and Followers can access you can track exactly who was directed to you by social media.

These are just a few ways to determine how social media is impacting your business and what each of your fans/followers and readers are worth to you.  By tracking these metrics you can start to determine you return on investment for social media.

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