There are a few ways you can use Twitter.  Obviously, you can send Tweets out all day long that pertain to your business’ topic.  However, I want to go over a few ways to use Twitter that you may not have thought of just yet.

Twitter is a great tool to build a brand.  So the first thing I want you to think about it how your company is depicted on Twitter.  Do you have a custom background?  If you are using a background you downloaded for free, is it current and seasonal?  What does your picture say about you?  Using a company logo can make you seem more corporate, while a personal photo can make it seem like its one person answering Tweets.  Think about what you want to portray before you post.


Now think about what you can SAY with Twitter.  You can offer company news.  This is a way to get news out about your company.  Press releases can often fall on deaf ears and advertising space is expensive to buy.  Twitter gives you a free platform to shout your company’s accomplishments and news.

Twitter can also offer you valuable insight into what your customers are saying about you and if its negative, you can use Twitter to address those concerns.  Make sure you do address customer’s concerns as unanswered negative Tweets can compound on each other.

Finally, use Twitter to make offers to customers.  Give out a promotional code for your Twitter followers and not only is it free to distribute, Twitter followers often feel like they were let in on a secret and have the “inside track” with the company, forming an even deeper bond.

So when using Twitter, think outside the box a little bit!

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