There are LOTS of sites that help you maximize the potential of Twitter.  I’m going to tell you about three of them below.  If you want to know more about these or other Twitter resources, you can simply Google the term “Tweet later” or “Twitter sites”.  As of the time I wrote this, all of these services were free to use.


Hoot Suite-This site allows you to view Tweets of those you are following, Tweets you have scheduled, Tweets you have sent, direct messages and mentions all in one screen.  You can even track more than one Twitter account.  This is the site I use personally to track all of my business and personal Twitter accounts.  Hood Suite allows you to schedule Tweets in advance as well.

Twitter Counter-This site lets you find out when someone gained their followers.  If they bought a block of followers a while ago, that will show up.  However, if they provide current and ongoing content, their Twitter figures will show that.  Its a great way to find the next “up and coming” Twitter account.

TweetDeck-This is the original Twitter management system and it is created and run by Twitter.  It also allows you to track Tweets, schedule them in advance.  You can group followers according to subject, allowing you to market more effectively.

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