Lots of our clients ask us what they should post about.  They have a hard time imagining that they can post multiple times throughout the day and still have enough to say.
Here is a simple formula of what to say throughout the day.  You can use the formula below for almost any business.  Apply it to your own and let me know how it goes!

What To Post All Day

  1. Say good morning.  Welcome people to the day, week etc.  If you have a physical location this is a great time to remind them of your opening hours.
  2. Ask a question.  This will start the day with involvement and you can address their answers throughout the day.  
  3. Offer a contest.  The first person to answer a trivia question, or the first people to answer a question currently gets a 10% off coupon.
  4. Advertise a promotion you have going on.  We will be discussing promotions, coupons and check in deals in a separate blog post.
  5. Offer a tip.  If you have a carpet cleaning business give a tip on preventing stains.  If you have a product, give a tip on ways to use it.
  6. Tell people a little known fact about your company or your product.
  7. Respond to questions and comments you’ve received throughout the day. Reply to Tweets, thank people for mentions,  
  8. Remind people of your service, business hours and what’s coming up for the rest of the week/the next day.
  9. Make sure to find and Like one other applicable page a day. That way you are interacting with others who can then come back and find your site and like it.
  10. If you want, you can use an aggregator that will allow you to post the same content on Twitter and Facebook, so you only need to be creative once!

The key to social media is having things to say and including your customers in the conversation.  If you ask what they want to hear, they will tell you.  Make sure you are providing a balance of promotions, sales information, products information and useful knowledge.

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