There is a misconception that social media is entirely free.  This isn’t true.  Yes, you can sign up for Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter and not spend a dime, actually marketing your business via these avenues does indeed incur costs.

First of all, you need to invest the time and energy to learn how to use these social media outlets.  And once you learn how to use them, they will change!  For example, many business owners were happily using Facebook and then had to readjust when the new Timeline structure was released.


Secondly, you need to find time every day to update your social media.  While this can certainly be done, most people find that once they sit down to update social media, their entire day is lost as they get distracted by friends’ posts, sales, or photos.  Its important to set boundaries.  If you are having an employee perform social media tasks, its important to set boundaries for them.  While a certain amount of “browsing” is necessary, it can go over board very quickly.

If you decide to use an application to help you schedule your social media updates you may have to pay a monthly fee.  There are some applications that are free or a one time purchase price, but you must be careful when it comes to long term commitments.

Set social media goals and then determine the amount of time necessary to meet these goals.  You may be better served to hire a social media company, or hire a specialized employee to perform these tasks on your behalf.


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