Twitter has over 100 Million active users worldwide.  Half of these log in daily.

Twitter processes 230 million Tweets per day.

That has gone up 110 percent since the start of the year.

You can schedule Tweets in advance using a number of free services.  HootSuite is one of these services and allows you to manage more than one Twitter account under one user login.


You can custom design your Twitter background.  Lots of sites offer free backgrounds too.  Just Google “Twitter background”.

Lady Gaga is the most popular person on Twitter.

CNN is the top news organization on Twitter.

Google is the most popular company on Twitter.

Whole Foods is the top retailer on Twitter.

The # symbol goes before a keyword and is called a hashtag.  It helps track Tweets from an event or theme.  (Look for another blog entry on this in the future.)

Twitter is available in six languages.

Twitter is supported by numerous mobile apps including Blackberry, Android and Apple products.


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