Marketing can be expensive.  However, if you just take a moment to look around you, chances are you may have some great opportunities in your own town.

Start by thinking about your product and the demographic you hope to reach.  Then, think about who else may be trying to reach the same demographic.  Check what social media your potential partners partake in.

For example, if you sell protein shakes, you are hoping to reach a healthy and active demographic.  Local places in your town that are trying to reach the same demographic are bike shops, running shops, gyms, fitness clubs, etc.

By visiting the Facebook pages of these other groups you can put up a short, concise post telling the group’s members to visit your establishment.  Its not necessary but its always a good idea to check with the page’s owner first.  If you can, its even more grabbing to offer the group’s members a discount, free item, etc.

While this method of marketing takes a bit of research time, it can pay off in dividends.

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