This is a topic we’ve talked about previously, but it is worth going over again.  One of the best ways to become known in your industry and become an expert in your field is to write.  There are a variety of ways to get your message out there and make some sales!

1.  Call local publications and ask them what their readers want to know about.

2.  Read local publications and determine what types of articles they print.  Check out length, pictures included and topics.

3.  You don’t have to only think locally.  Submit and pitch to regional and national publications as well.  some publications “print” more online.  It is a great place to start.

4.  Find out WHEN they publish.  Often they are farther in advance than you think.  Therefore submitting a holiday article in November is too late.

5.  White about what you know.

6.  Use easy to read words, sentence structure and keep text plain and simple.

7.  Understand that you will most likely be edited.  Your article may appear in a shorter form or it may be changed.  Make sure this is understood before you submit.

8.  Write a short bio, known as a resource box, to be printed with your article. While you won’t get a full “write up”, it is okay to ask for credit for the piece.

9.  Make your headlines creative.  Make readers WANT to keep reading.


10.  Hire an editor if you are new to writing.  They will help you develop your style and find your voice, as well as polish up your grammar.

11.  Keep track of what you have submitted and where.  Often publications will require pieces submitted to be original and will not print them if they appeared elsewhere.

12.  Even if your article was not printed or will not be printed, make sure you can work as a reference source for other writers out there.


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