Marketing yourself seems like a daunting task.  However, if you break it down, think about it logically and color outside the lines, you can really stand out from your competitors.

1.  Think about what you offer.  While most businesses simply answer what they do, think a bit deeper about what you offer your buyer. For example, if you are a house cleaner, the service you sell is cleaning.  However, what you OFFER is more free time.  When you are marketing, think about the benefits of what you offer and promote that!

2.Are you bragging about what you do?  Many self employed people are ashamed to talk about themselves a lot.  They don’t want to appear as if they are full of themselves.  Tell anyone and everyone around you who will listen what you do, who your ideal customer is and what benefits you offer your buyers.  While it may not make a big difference right away, over time these efforts will pay off.

3.  Offer options. Customers may not be able to buy your biggest product or package.  However, if you offer lower entry point options, customers will be more likely to purchase.  Over time, once you have built a relationship with them, they will be more likely to want to spend more money with you.


4.  Live your product.  I have spent years working as a professional organizer.  How would it look if I showed up at a client’s house missing the invoice, with an empty label maker or looking sloppy?  It is all about appearances.  While this should not be the case, often purchasing decisions are made on looks.

5.  Use success stories to help you reach clients who may be doubtful.  People love to talk about themselves.  If you have helped a client, changed their life or increased sales, use those testimonials going forward.  No amount of paid advertising or self promotion will compare with what your previous, current and happy customers can do for you.


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