No one wants to hear you talk about yourself for days on end.  Seriously, while you think (you KNOW!) you have the coolest website, the best product and the most amazing stuff to offer, there is only so much you can tell people about it before they roll their eyes and tune you out.

Consider television advertising.  You can change the channel, fast forward or even walk away and get some more ice cream during the commercial breaks. And those happen during  shows you are already chosing to engage in.  So capturing readers and making them WANT to come to your blog over and over again is a challenge.

I suggest using the 1/3, 1/3 and 1/3 rule.  

1/3 of the time provide unique, original and engaging content.  It is the time to give your customers the experience of coming to a knowledgable resource over and over again for expert information.  Make yourself so engrained in their daily routine that they come to you first thing in the morning.  Make your information base vast and impressive.  You want to be their go to source for your field.

1/3 of the time you can talk about yourself and advertise your services.  However, don’t just send the same message out there over and over.  Tell your followers and readers about your lesser known services.  Tell them about some of your case studies or success stories.  Testimonials from customers are also a great advertisement in disguise.

The final 1/3 of the time you can share content from others in your field.  Most of us can’t possible provide quality and creative content all the time, so sometimes you need to do a little research and provide that to your base.  Ask others to do the same for you so you are sharing links and content with each other’s network.  I love looking for pictures and articles from others in my field to share.  And your customers will appreciate the diversity.

Really there is no magic formula but knowing what you are providing to your readers is important. Make them want more and come back to you over and over again.


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