The press release is a great tool to promote your small business. Not only is it free to do, it can reach an audience that you may not ordinarily be able to reach.  Here are a few tips to help you get started with press release writing.  The important thing to remember is that not every press release you send to the media will get printed.  Be willing to submit releases a few times and be willing to change your style or topic.  Eventually, you will achieve press release success!

Your press release should be well written.  Its the best time to work with an editor or a peer who can proof read for you and make suggestions.

If you have newspapers in mind that you want to submit press releases to, its a good idea to give them a call and ask what their length, format and content outlines are.  Preparing ahead of time can give your press release a greater chance of it being published.

Provide useful information.  Your press release should be newsworthy.  This may be simpler thank you think.  There are lots of great ideas.  Here are just a few:

-Opening a new location

-Hiring new employees

-Offering a new service

-Receiving a professional award or degree

When in doubt, ask yourself if you would want to read the article.

While your submission should be clear and to the point, make sure it has enough “meat” to it so that the editor can feel free to cut it to meet their requirements.

Read press releases.  My scouring press releases you can determine what works and what doesn’t sound professional at all.  Note specifically what you like and dislike and go from there.

Give your press release a catchy, but truthful title.  You not only need to catch the attention of the editor but the reader.

Make your self available to the editor for questions and changes.  Make sure you provide your contact information.

Formatting is key.  If you press release is too hard to read, or poorly formatted, you will likely hit the trash bin.

Experts suggest that you include at least one quote in your press release.

Not only should your press release be newsworthy, it should be similar to something a journalist would write.

Put “For Immediate Release” at the top of your release.  The first paragraph that will follow should be catchy and easy to read.  This may be what determines if the release gets read!



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