I recently read Pinterest for Business by Jess Loren and Ed Swiderski.  The book starts out telling you the basic principles of Pinterest and how to get started with opening an account.  While this is a great guide, it is important to note that as is true of any social media platform, they are making changes constantly.

The book then goes on to tell you the various ways to set up your page, link it to your other platforms and how to obtain followers.

Pinterest is a visual medium so it is unlike anything you’ve ever worked with previously.  Visual images and mediums appeal to a different demographic than word centric sites.  Making changes in the content you post and how you post it is important to getting the most out of Pinterest.


One of my favorite features of this book is the in-depth interviews and analysis of various company’s Pinterest sites.  So often we read business books and then say “That’s great, what how does it apply to ME?”.  This book answers those questions and more.  You can see how companies with various services, everything from a salad company to a tee shirt manufacturer are using Pinterest to obtain clients and build their brand.

This book a great book to get you started on Pinterest. It’s also a great book to help you and your marketing team brainstorm.  If you are even just a little bit stuck for new ideas and need a little creativity, this book will get the conversation going.

To buy a copy of the book, visit Amazon here:


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