Click Millionaires is a book that gives you the tips and tricks you need to really make your dream of self employment a reality.  While we all know you are far from being an over night millionaire, the book does put you on the right path to fid your niche market, research it and then create a product (or two) that will make you money.

The book will take you up the learning curve a little bit faster than if you were just going it on your own.

I particularly like the resources listed to get your website designed, complete research analysis and even develop branding and logos.


The book is divided up into readable chapters and it is easily readable and digestible.  You won’t be bored or tormented with business jargon.

It’s a good I made a lot of ear marks in and will return to over and over again.  I suggest you check it out of the local library or get your own copy on Amazon.

The book also discusses your lifestyle.  Many people want to go into business for themselves, but have no idea of the work and dedication needed.  This book gives you an optimistic but real life approach to starting our on your own.

And, it is important to remember that things are always changing.  Ten years ago we have no idea that social media would change the face of business.  Who knows what is ahead of us.

For those of us constantly on the go, this book is also available in Kindle and audio formats.

Happy reading!


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