Going Social by Jeremy Goldman is one of the first books I’ve read in a while that has something to learn for everyone-the novice at social media and the expert.  The book covers topics from what to post about to how to use it to maximize profits.

One of my favorite topics covered in the book is customer service. We all need to provide excellent customer service and often, it is what sets the good companies apart from the excellent companies.

Some tips form the book that I think everyone can learn a little from:

-Welcome customer complaints.  It means customers are willing to engage with you.  It also means that you are able to fix issues in real time instead of hearing about them later on down the road when it is too late to make any significant impact.

-Be responsive and transparent.  When you receive a complaint make sure you fix it publicly.  This will allow other customers, past and present to see what your company stands for and how you treat customers when things have gone badly.


-Be a listener.  Hear what your customers’ preferences are. What new products are they seeking? Where do they shop and what do they want to learn about?  There is so much to be learned by listening to customers.  Consider it free market research.

-Just like a sales person in a show room, it’s important to be helpful, but not pushy.  Offer to be there and provide information when they ask, but don’t post so often you become a bother.

-Be consistent in your posts.  Readers like knowing when you will provide new information.  Be consistent and start to post on a regular basis.

-Work with others.  After a while you and others may get sick of the sound of your voice (or posts as the case may be.).  Work with others to provide and share unique and valuable content.  This keeps it fresh and exciting for everyone!

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