Lots of companies big and small overlook the power of working with bloggers.  They have a reach and a voice that your company simply does not.  Partnering with them will give access to their readers.  Here are some things to consider.
Give bloggers something special.  It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money.  However, just a small sample is worth a lot of positive praise.
Enable bloggers to write a comprehensive post about your company.  Offer them the use of descriptions and photos.  However, don’t force them to use them.
Target blogs that reach your target demographic or the demographic you want to gain ground with.  For example, if you sell kids toys you may want to work with mom bloggers.  Pay attention to where you customers get their information.  Even if you can’t afford to advertise in popular magazines, you can  reach the same audiences.
Contact bloggers around the time that you will launching a new product or service.   Timing is everything and bloggers can be part of your PR campaign.
Allow the blogger to offer a giveaway.  This way they can engage their readers even further with contest entries.  Entires can be anything the blogger wants; a Facebook like, a comment on the blog, a Tweet, etc.
Make sure that when you partner with a blogger you know when they plan to post the review.  Also, note whether or not you will have the chance to see it before it is posted.  Finally, make sure you keep your promises.  If you say you’ll send something, do it.  Nothing is worse than a disappointed blogger.
Want to find bloggers?  Just start clicking around on your topic and you’ll find them!
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