Social media isn’t going away.  Like it or not, our smart phones are part of our lives and we take them just about everywhere we go.  Weddings are no exception.

So, how should you handle wedding social media?

Here are a few rules to guide you….

As a guest:

Don’t sit on your phone the whole time.  Take a few photos if you wish, then put the phone away.

If the bride and groom ask you to use a hashtag in your posts, do it.  This will help them see the photos when they get back from their honeymoon.

Make sure your photos and posts are visible to as few people as possible.  The bride and groom may want to maintain their privacy or the privacy of the kids or others at the event.

Don’t stand in the way of the professional photographer.


As the the wedding hosts/bride/groom:

Let your guests know where you stand on social media.  Do you want them to take photos?  Is there a hashtag you’d like them to use?

Remember yo can’t really set limits.  People are going to do what they want and you aren’t going to be able to prevent all photos.

Tell the professional photographer your guidelines.  They may gently need to tell people that they need space.

Give guests a way to share their photos with you.  You will miss something as the day goes on.  Allowing people to take photos will ensure you capture some of those fun and candid moments.


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