Just going to business functions isn’t enough.  You need to make the events and the time you are spending there, work for you.  Here are some tips to make every minute at every event count for you and your business.

1.  Know that you are going to WORK, not to socialize.  While you may meet some great people, the point of attending is to make valuable networking contacts for your business.

2.  Be approachable.  Be nice.  Have questions ready and handy.


3.  If possible, do a little research on your fellow attendees.  Know who they are and what they do ahead of time.  Many Chambers offer a list of their members.  This will help you know your audience.

4.  Try to meet at least one new person at every event.

5.  Gather business cards.  Don’t push your cards down the throats of people.  Provide it only if they ask.

6.  Follow up on your meeting via note card, email or phone call.

7.  Introduce people you know to each other.


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