This is the second book by Mark Forster I have read.  This book builds on the principles originally presented in get everything done and still have time to play.  This book also provides the reader with actionable time management tools.  If you are looking to improve your working time and become more productive.

At the start of the book you are presented with some very simple rules.  While these can be alluding to people with a lot of their plate, the rules are easy to follow and provide a general guideline.  They are as follows:

Focus on one thing at a time.

Workout regularly.

Go on vacation regularly.

Take time to eat properly.

Don’t rush.

Make time for your family.

Mark goes on to develop these principles and incorporate them with his own, as presented in his first book.  The basic principles are:

Have a clear vision-KNOW what you want to do, not just have a general idea of the project.

Do one thing at a time-Multi tasking often means nothing gets completed.

Little and often-Work on tasks in small chunks and revisit them often.  Slow and steady wins the race.

Limits-Define what you want and need to accomplish and don’t take on more than this.

Closed lists-Writing things down helps you prioritize

Reduce randomness-Do what you can do decrease distractions

Commitment versus interest-What you have already committed to may be different than what you are interested in

If you have goals in mind and you are not meeting them, its time to address what you can do differently.  Ask yourself some questions.  Mark presents these:

What do I need to start doing in order to commit myself fully to it?

What do I need to stop doing in order to commit myself fully to it?

Am I prepared to pay the full price necessary to for full commitment?

I speak with a lot of clients who really are busy all day every day.  However, they don’t ever accomplish what they need or want to.  Determine if what you’re doing is real work or busy work.  There are many differences.

Real work advances your business or job, impacts your bottom line positively, takes you out of your comfort zone, and is challenging.  Busy work has a negative impact on the bottom line, is easy, keeps you within your comfort zone and gets in the way of what you are paid to do.

If you often find yourself distracted try this activity, stop and write down the new task you now want to accomplish. So if you are working on calling clients and then you want to open a new social media account, stop and write that new task down.  Doing so stops you from running from one task to the other and allows you to create a visual of what you are now going to do.

Do It Tomorrow is filled with lots of helpful tips that can help you be a better worker, better family member and live a happier personal life.  This book is a great gift for the recent college grad in your life, your employees or even your administrative assistant.

You can view Mark’s books and valuable website here:

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