I don’t discuss the details of my clients.  However, I was recently blessed to be able to help my local yoga studio with their social media and I wanted to share with you a few of the things we tackled that were successful for them to increase membership and sales.

1.  We created a check in deal.  This inspired people to come back over and over again and when they did, check in.  By doing this they were telling their friends when and where they were attending yoga, which is one of the best endorsements a business can have. For checking in ten times during the specified time period, they received a credit on their account.

2.  We took photos of their inventory.  They sold items in the front of the store.  By taking photos of them and putting them on social media patrons learned what was being sold and the costs.  Often, before and after class was hectic so people were unable to stop and look.

3.  Advertising gift certificates for the holiday season.  While there was a small sign in the store, this allowed customers to read about gift certificates in a place they may want to purchase them; online.  Also, it showed the customers that the physical gift certificate was eye catching and cute to give as a gift.

4.  We linked affiliate programs to the website.  These were products that were being suggested and sold anyway, so why not earn commission on them?

5.  Asked questions.  By asking the audience what they wanted to learn about, see, etc on the website and the social media sites, we were better able to determine what content to provide.

So while no one social media plan can work for every business, these are some examples of things you can do that cost very to little money.

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