Chris Crouch, award winning author, was nice enough to send me a review copy of Being Productive.  I thought this book would be a great way to start your New Year!

Being Productive is written for the work place, but its applicable to every aspect of life.   This book covers ways to get more done with less effort.  It does this by identifying the places and times you are just doing TOO much and learning how to back off.

Its the problem everyone has, learning what’s important and learning how to stop chasing your tail and start chasing your dreams.  The real life stories in the book can help you really think about how the theories relate to YOU and your life.

The book also gives you the tools to make internal changes.  While you can make changes in your schedule and office, its often more important to make changes in the way you think about things.

This is a great gift for a recent college graduate or anyone who just needs a little thought adjustment in order to clear away the mental fog that comes with our busy schedules and lifestyles.

You can pick up a copy of being productive at

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