When I was first given the opportunity to read Gail Martin’s latest book, I was skeptical I was going to learn new things.  I’m a professional organizer, a social media consultant and I have a MBA.  Gail’s book has so much to teach me and once I put it down I couldn’t stop thinking about it!

The book has short, ready to read chapters that leave you inspired.  The chapters tell you what you need to do, why, and then how to make it happen.  I will warn you, your to do list is going to be huge after reading this book.  However, it answers the questions that so many small business owners have about how to market, how to make sales, find clients and what to DO.

I love how the book gives you specific tasks to accomplish and thought provoking analysis.  The tasks your given aren’t hard or expensive to implement.  In many cases, its simply a change in the way you think about things or structure your day in order to make it more productive. And more productivity means more money and a growing business.

If you’re a small business owner who needs a little boost, a little knowledge or even just a change in perspective, this book is a very worthwhile investment.  I particularly love the resource list at the back of the book. With sites listed for everything from social media coding to shopping cart assistance, its a valuable guide that any business owner can use.

You can get a copy of Gail’s book, 30 Days to Virtual Productivity Success here:



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