Many small business owners have blogs.  Its not enough to write blog entries and simply hit the publish button.  There are lots of things you need to do in order to make sure that your entries are well received.  Here are a few quick tips that you can implement today to get more readers!


  1. Make sure your audience knows when you publish new blog posts.  Stick to a schedule.  This could be every weekday, every even numbered day, once a week etc.  Its also important to make sure you post at a certain time of day.
  2. Establish a RSS feed.  This allows people to “subscribe” to your blog and have your entries delivered to their in box every day.
  3. Tweet your blog entries.  This is something you can set up to automatically do at a time of day or your choosing.  (What service do you use for this?!)
  4. Post your blog entry on your business Facebook page.  Use a great picture to attract attention.  Pay attention to how many people have seen your post and adjust your posting time of day to increase traffic.
  5. Post your blog entry’s link to your Linked In Page.  Often your business contacts may not join you on other social media networks. This is a great way for them to see the valuable content you are creating.
  6. Post your blog entry to Pinterest.  Again, its important to use a great picture and make sure your caption is short, sweet and catchy.
  7. If you feel comfortable doing so, post your blog entry, or a link to it, on your personal Facebook page.  This is a great way to network.  I don’t do this after but every now and then I have some information that I know my friends and family could benefit from.  At the bottom of the post be sure to tell them to sign up so they can receive updates on when you have more information.  
  8. Make sure your blog entries can be searched and archived.  People may not have a chance to visit your site every day, but they will “stop by” when they have time.  Allowing them to search will mean they can read what they want, when they want.
  9. Don’t reuse blog entries unless a lot of time has passed and the topic is applicable again.  For example, I recently reused a blog entry about emergency preparedness in time for Hurricane Sandy.  
  10. Read and respond to comments that readers leave on your blog.  They may be positive or negative, but its important that you know what they are saying and have the chance to partake in the conversation.
  11. Ask others to mention you blog posts in their blogs, on their sites and social media outlets.
  12. Add the link to your blog to your email signature.  People may not even know you have a blog with lots of valuable content.
  13. Use SEO keywords when writing your blog post.  This will help the post be searchable and relevant.
  14. Bookmark your content on book marking sites such as Digg and StumbleUpon.



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