I was given the opportunity to read and review No Bullshit Social Media by Jason Falls and Erik Deckers.  I always love social media books that give me new insights into things I can do for clients and ways I can better market my business.  Well this isn’t the book for the experienced social media provider or business owner who has been taking part in social media for a while.

This is a book for the beginner.  This book is perfect for someone who has yet to dip their toe into the waters of social media.  This book explains why social media is important, what it means to customers and most importantly, what it means to businesses.

The book is filled with statistics about why social media is important, who is using it and what the internet has become to us as a society.  However what I feel it lacks is actionable items about what you can do TODAY to start utilizing social media.

This book is perfect if you are trying to convince the decision makers in your company to adopt social media.  If you run a social media company and want potential customers to know why they should hire you, this is a great book for that too.

The book goes over brand development, reputation protection and even developing communities.  I think its a great read for everyone. If you run a social media company, this can give you more insight on the importance of social media for your potential client.  If you own a company, this book will convince you that you need to adopt social media yesterday.

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