iPads have changed the way to organize.  They have changed the way we communicate on the go, the way we play games and the way we store our data.  I once had a hard time figuring out what I would do with an iPad, now I can’t imagine living without it.

I have used a few different cases for my iPad.  I had the Apple cover coupled with a soft sided case to protect it when in my bag.  While this was cute and functional, it wasn’t quite durable enough for LONG days on the go or for travel.

When I travel I often only take my iPad and leave the bulky computer behind.  I did miss the keyboard though.  So that’s where Zagg’s Folio comes in.  Its a one stop shop for everything I was looking for.


The Zagg Folio is made of hard plastic.  (I have black but WISH I had one of the adorable colors they have available now.)  Your iPad slides easily into one side.  You can use the iPad just as you would normally and no buttons or jacks are blocked.

The other side of the case holds a key board.  You can very quickly and easily, prop the iPad up (horizontally or vertically) in front of the keyboard.  Your iPad than blue tooth connects with the keyboard and you have a mini computer.

I will say that I kept forgetting I was using the iPad and forgot to touch the screen.  Then when I was back at my laptop it seemed hard to use because the screen wasn’t touch sensitive!

The Zagg folio is surprisingly light and easy to carry.  It adds very little bulk to the iPad itself and still slips easily into my bag.

The Keyboard does need to be charged but rarely.  (Maybe a few times a year).

While $99 may seem like a lot for this case, you are going to pay more if you buy a case and a keyboard separately.  This case is ideal for travelers and those using their iPad for business.  Its an all in one solution to keep you organized!

Take a look at the Zagg folio and cute colors here:


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