While you may have already balked at the the title of this post, I want you to keep reading.  Many see printed materials as a thing of the past.  They represent clutter and paper and after all, we’ve gone “paperless”.  However, I want you to stop and think about all of the paper you see and handle every day in your life.  Now think about how you can use those printed materials to meet your marketing goals.

1.  Add “Like Us On Facebook” to your printed receipts.  Most people still want and ask for a printed receipt which then lives in their purse or a wallet for a few weeks.  If you send digital receipts, you can add the phrase their too.

2.  Package inserts.  If you send products to customers, chances are they open them excitedly when they arrive.  You have probably added a receipt, so why not add a small paper asking the customer to Like you on Facebook?

3.  Table Cards.  If you have a restaurant or other location where people can sit down or even a bar where they fix their coffee, use table cards to tell them you are on Facebook.  People want to know the latest news and becoming your friend online will let them do that.

4.  Keep cards by the register.  Offer customers some small incentive to like you on Facebook right away.  For example, if you are a coffee shop, you could offer customers a free shot of flavored syrup for liking you on Facebook right then and there.  Chances are the customer already has their cell phone in their hand.

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