This will be a short blog entry but I wanted to make you aware of something.  You don’t know it all.  Your customers know all about different ways to use your product.  They may be thing you never even thought of before.

Items such as Vaseline, Skin So Soft and QTips have all learned about new ways to use their products from consumers.  If you aren’t listening tot he conversation and what’s being said about you, the opportunity to market another use for your product.

Not only should you be listening to consumers, you can encourage the conversation.  Host a contest for the best new use for your product!  You can give away a cash prize or even a large supply of the product itself.  However, be prepared to be surprised and thrilled with the entries you receive!  AND by running the contest through social media, you can encourage even more interaction.  Have the other online participants VOTE for the winner!

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