Lots of companies use interns to run their social media.  I’m not sure why this occurs.  I believe its because it scares a lot of people and by having an intern run social media campaigns, no one within the office has to learn to do it themselves.  Stereotypically, young people know how to navigate social media sites.  However, here are a few reasons why you should NOT use summer interns or temporary help to manage your social media.

1.  They are not familiar with your company’s legal policies, ethics or way of business.  People who are at a company for a short period of time simply aren’t required to become as familiar with these  aspects of company life.

2.  Summer interns are going to leave.  They don’t care what happens to the company over the long term.  They may say or do something that effects your success.  However, they won’t be effected since they are leaving anyway.

3.  They won’t be as familiar with the product you are selling and the brand they are representing.  Its not disparaging on these employees, they simply don’t have the time to invest in learning the company the way a full time employee does.

4.  They may know how to work social media, but they probably don’t know how to run a marketing campaign.  Your social media strategy is a part of your over all marketing plan.  You will be devoting time and resources to it, and you need to make sure the person driving the social media bus has the proper qualifications.

5.  They may be different than your demographic.  Interns and temporary employees are traditionally young.  If your demographic is not young, or college students, your social media campaign may miss the mark.

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