We recently talked about employees and their social media access at work.  Its important to determine just how social media access for employees can assist in meeting your social media goals and how it can effect employee morale and productivity.

Employees who are allowed to access social media at work are going to feel liberated and happier in their day to day jobs.  They will feel more loyal to the company and want to share this online.  However, there will be exceptions.  Social media access can be a part of a productive work day.  However, as always occurs, there will be some cases in which social media is abused.

In these cases it is important to have a company policy set up and in place so that you are able to stop the behavior, modify the responsibilities of the employee and in the worst case scenario, let the employee go.

Without a written policy that all employees are familiar with, you may be stuck with an employee that is abusing their access and is facing decreased productivity.  Its important that all employees are legally notified of the policy.

I feel that its even more important to be up front and open with employees.  Discuss why they have access and discuss the boundaries.  Tell them why they should enjoy using it, what they should promote and encourage a conversation!

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