There are a vast amount of blogs out there.  The figure changes every day.  If your company is considering working with a blog, creating one or monitoring an existing blog, what you should be looking at may surprise you.

It was once believed that a blog’s followers was the only indicator of the blog’s reach.  However, a blog may have a small number of very powerful and influential followers.  It only takes one person to pick up a story from a blog to make it national news.

So, what should you be looking at?  Here are a few things that can help you determine the blog’s reach.

-How many comments are posted on the blog and what is the frequency

-How often is the blog updated

-What is the blog’s Google Page rank

-What is its Alexia page rank

-What is its Technorati rank

-Does it come up in Google search engine results for applicable keywords?

Its important to remember that a blog may not appear important, but its not who is writing it or the number of people reading it, the important factor is who reads the information, what they are presenting and what the readers are doing with it.

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