Privacy is a big concern on Facebook.  Knowing a little bit more about your privacy settings.

Getting to know what choices you have to make can make Facebook seem less daunting and protect you and your information.

The first thing you want to decide is how you connect.  You will need to decide who can send you messages, who can send you friend requests, who can post on your wall and who can see posts on your wall.  The safest option for all of these is only friends.  That is, assuming that your friends on Facebook can be trusted to see your information.

You also need to choose how you handle tagging.  You can choose to allow others to tag you or you must approve the tag first.  Photos that others tag you in can be visible to everyone or just yourself.  Finally, you need to decide if others will be allowed to “check you in” at locations.  Again, the safest way to handle all of this is to make sure you must approve everything before it appears on your wall.

You must also choose which applications you are using and which applications you are permitting access to your profile.  Some applications allow you to use them and still not post updates to your profile.  In some cases its simply best you avoid postings to your wall. Notoriously, Farm Ville posts a lot of updates and they are an irritant to people.

It is also important that you decide how people can search for you.  You can make yourself “unsearchable” so that only those who know your email address can locate you.

These are just a few privacy considerations you need to make.  The choices you make may differ if you use Facebook for personal, professional or a combination of reasons.

Locate Facebook’s privacy settings in the upper right hand corner.


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