We have talked a lot about using Facebook as a free interface with which to interact with your customers.  However, we have not yes discussed using Facebook to advertise to your customers.  Facebook offers paid advertising services and many businesses swear by its effectiveness.  I’m not going to make a decision for you on if you should invest in this or not.  Instead I’m going to give you a few pros and cons.

Pro-Facebook provides excellent reporting tools.  You will be able to see who has clicked on your ad, when, etc.

Pro-Facebook is BIG.  It has hundreds of millions of users.  Where else are you going to find such a large audience to chose from?

Pro-Facebook has lots of information about its users.  This allows you to target exactly who sees your ad.  You can narrow the scope by age, location, etc.

Pro-Its is a cheaper form of advertising than many other media outlets.

Con-Facebook changes things quickly and without warning.

Con-The advertisement may not translate into more sales, it may simply become more “likes” on your Facebook page.  There is no guarantee.

Con-You are interrupting people from chatting with their friends and family.  They simply may not WANT to look at advertisements during their free time.

Con-You can’t control the other ads on the site.  Some ads may not seem so credible and you may be associated with these.

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