Its been proven that blog entries with photos perform better than those without.  However, not just any photo will do.  Your photos need to follow a few guidelines to make sure they are up to snuff.

-Use a good camera.  While phone cameras are better than they ever have been, SLR cameras have higher resolution and will produce a better quality photo.

-Get up close.  Take a photo of something that you wouldn’t normally see.  This could be as simple as taking an up close photo of of a piece of a fruit, a product, etc.  Landscapes and full frame photos are common and simply won’t draw the reader’s attention the way an up close photo will.  Be creative.

-Use unique angles.  Even if the subject of your photo isn’t that interesting, tilt the camera and make the photo eye catching.  Its simple, free and allows you to show off your artistic talent.  Since digital photography don’t use film or cost anything, keep shooting until you have the angle just right.

-Pay attention to the light.  Professional photographers know all about which way to light something to make it look just the way they want.  Pay attention to the light in the room you are shooting.  It may change throughout the day and become more ideal.  Also, contrary to popular belief its best to NOT use the flash.  This washes subjects and backgrounds out.

-Add people.  People are interesting to other people.  Add them to your photos, even if the true subject is a product or object.  People make things interesting.

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