I’m an avid user of both an iPhone and an iPad.  They allow me to work on the go and increase my productivity on a daily basis.  However, there are few apps, that help me take things a bit farther.

The first is Ever Note.  Ever Note allows you to create multiple notes, store them on your devise and access them from all of your other devices.  You can organize notes by category, by topic, etc.  I love the product to keep to do lists; daily, weekly, long term, etc.  You can also “clip and save” web pages.  Its a great way to catalog things digitally to avoid all of the paper clutter that comes with lists.

The second app is Penultimate.  I have this on the iPad.  Its a digital notebook that also allows you to take notes and store them digitally.  Its great for jotting things down quickly.  I also love it for note taking during meetings and conferences.  I always have a lot of notes after a meeting and I have no need to store them physically in my office.  I can get back to the office, decide what’s worth keeping, name it and save it on my device.

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