Since many of us use social media for both personal and business use, the lines can sometimes become blurred.  While the general rule of thumb is not to post anything you don’t want the world to see, here are a few additional items you should never post online.

1.  Pictures of yourself at last weekend’s party.  If you are posting photos make sure your privacy settings are set so only friends can view your photos.

2.  Passwords

3.  Where you will be and when.  If you have a pattern, someone will poor intent can find out when you are not home.

4.  Complaints about your job, work place or boss.

5.  Views on politics, religion, etc.

6.  Extra marital affairs.

7.  Pictures or information about your children.

8. Drama with friends, boy/girl friends, parents, etc.

9. That you are throwing a party.

10.  TMI.  If its personal, gross or private, don’t share it!

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